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Common Symptoms of Major Engine Trouble

Common Symptoms of Major Engine TroubleIt is important that you pay attention to the signs of trouble that your car displays so that you can get to an auto repair shop before the issue gets worse. This is particularly true when it comes to potential engine problems. If issues under the hood are left unchecked they will quickly grow much dire and more expensive to fix. If you encounter any of the following signs it's time for engine repair be sure to schedule further diagnostics immediately.

Oil Leak

Oil leaks don't always indicate the need for an immediate repair, but even a small drip should be checked out by a professional technician. Low oil levels can result in increased friction between moving parts, resulting in excessive wear and tear.

Metal Flakes in Oil

When you have your vehicle's oil changed be sure that the technician checks out the old oil for any contaminants, primarily metal flakes. Any glimmer of metal can indicate excessive friction inside the engine, an issue that needs to be addressed to prevent complete engine failure.

Performance Drops

If you note performance problems that include a decrease in fuel economy, a rough idle, stalling, hard starting or difficult acceleration you'll want to head to the shop. Many of these kinds of issues can be resolved simply by conducting tune up services, such as replacing spark plugs.

Knocking Noise

If you encounter a knocking noise that comes from under the hood and rises and falls in repetition with the engine RPMs, it is probable that the engine bearings need service. Neglecting to address this could cause the engine to seize, as these bearings are what support the motion of the moving engine parts.

Increased Exhaust Smoke

The production of excessive exhaust fumes is an indicator of internal engine trouble. The color of the smoke can often clue you into the trouble. Blue smoke is a sign of burning oil, white smoke indicates a coolant leak and black smoke means too much gas is being used.

Check Engine Light

If the check engine light comes on head to the shop immediately. Most check engine light problems start out small, such as a failed oxygen sensor, but if that issue isn't fixed it could become much more serious, like causing the catalytic converter to bite the dust.

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