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5 Symptoms of a Failing Radiator or Cooling System

5 Symptoms of a Failing Radiator or Cooling SystemVehicles are made up of numerous systems that work closely to ensure that the car is able to run safely and reliably. The system tasked with keeping the engine temperature regulated to prevent overheating is called the cooling system. If the system, which consists of parts such as the radiator, cooling fan, thermostat and water pump, malfunctions it could lead to the engine overheating and massive damage. If you experience any of the following signs of cooling system issues be sure to get to an auto repair shop right away.

Rising dashboard temperature gauge

The first issue you will likely face if the cooling system is not operating as it should is a rising temperature gauge on your dash. If you do see this be sure to pull over immediately to let the engine cool down.

White steam coming from under the hood

If you don't see the temperature gauge rising into the red zone you probably notice the white steam pouring out from under the hood. This is a clear indication that the vehicle is now overheating and needs to be shut off as soon as it is safe to do so. Pull over, or if possible find a service station and let your car rest while you contact a mechanic to determine what to do next.

Low coolant level

Occasionally you should check the coolant reservoir when the engine is cold. If it's found that the coolant level is low, it's likely there is a coolant leak. Depending on whether the leak is internal or external you may encounter one of the following problems.

White exhaust smoke

If coolant is leaking into the combustion chamber it will be burned up, resulting in your car producing white exhaust smoke. Colorful exhaust should always be a sign that you need to visit the auto shop.

Visible coolant leak

A visible coolant/antifreeze leak should send you straight to the auto shop. Coolant is generally bright green in color and smells very sweet, like maple syrup. If you find a fluid matching this description collecting under your vehicle get in touch with your auto repair shop for service ASAP.

It is imperative that the cooling system is working correctly at all times to prevent engine damage. When it's time for cooling system or radiator repair in Watauga or the surrounding area head to Kwik Kar on Denton Highway. Our auto repair team will ensure your vehicle is safe and reliable when it leaves our shop. To schedule expert auto repair in Watauga, give Kwik Kar a call at (817) 519-8512 today.

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