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4 Common Reasons the Check Engine Light Comes On

4 Common Reasons the Check Engine Light Comes OnCars and trucks are equipped with sensors that keeps tabs on everything from fuel efficiency, air intake, and electrical use, to measuring the distance between you and the car ahead of you. Many of these sensors are designed to monitor tasks related to engine performance and if something is detected by one of these sensors that doesn't seem right, the check engine light will come on. Most of the time the problem is something that can be easily fixed, unless it is ignored, in which case it will only get worse. It is necessary to have the check engine light diagnosed as soon as it illuminates to prevent bigger issues. Here are four common reasons the check engine light comes on, starting with one of the worst.

Failed Catalytic Converter

The catalytic converter has an important job. It converts harmful exhaust fumes into less hazardous emissions. If it is unable to properly do this job the check engine light will be triggered. Unfortunately this is one of the more expensive fixes the light will inform you of, but if it is indeed found that this is the issue, it is likely because another part, such as the oxygen sensor or mass air flow sensor, failed some time ago. That initial problem would trigger the light long before it turned into a problem with the catalytic converter and it would have been much cheaper to repair. This is why it is critical to visit the auto repair shop as soon as the check engine light comes on, so that problems don't get worse!

Faulty Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is subject to wear and tear as the miles add up, and when it needs repair or replacement the check engine light will come on. If it doesn't get fixed quickly it will result in your car being unable to start.

Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor

The MAF sensor monitors incoming air and calculates how much of it to mix with the gasoline for proper combustion. If the MAF sensor fails it can result in a drop of your fuel efficiency by up to 25%.

Broken Gas Cap

To avoid having to take your car to the shop for an unnecessary repair be sure that your gas cap is tight every time you fill up. If your car has a loose or faulty gas cap, the gasoline fumes can evaporate out of the filler hose and trigger the light thanks to detection of the fumes by the car's EVAP system.

Do not delay having the check engine light diagnosed when it comes on, as the problem will only get worse. For check engine light diagnostics in Watauga, TX head to Kwik Kar of Watauga. Our team of expert auto repair techs will quickly diagnose the issue and have you back on the road in no time. To schedule superior auto repair in Watauga give us a call at (817) 519-8512 today.

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