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RV Detailing and Maintenance Tips for a Great Summer

RV Detailing and Maintenance Tips for a Great SummerAs we head into the RV season it is important to give your motorhome or RV the service and attention it needs in order to make the long trips this spring and summer safe, reliable and comfortable. Remember, if you stored your RV for the winter, you're waking up a hibernating beast and it will need a good once over to be roadworthy. Like many vehicles on the road, there are a few major systems in RVs that need regular attention to ensure they run and work properly. Equally as important, you're driving a home on wheels, and like a home, RVs and motorhomes require a good deep clean, especially after sitting all winter. Here's what to consider before you hit the road this season.

RV Cooling System

Motorhomes of all classes are generally driven for long periods at a time. This means the engine gets hot and stays hot for many hours. Since these types of vehicles drive for great lengths of time it's important the cooling system is properly maintained. Be sure to have this system checked before hitting the road, and then keep tabs on your temperature gauge as you drive. If it reads hot pull over immediately to avoid engine damage.

RV Electrical System

Modern RVs have extensive electrical systems that operate everything from the radio to the bedroom slide-outs. Motorhome electrical systems could pose a risk of fire if they are not properly cared for. Always have an expert motorhome tech service the electrical system so you shocked or suffer other injuries. Prior to a trip a technician should check circuit breakers and fuses for corrosion, as well as perform a battery test.

Motorhome Transmission Service

Proper RV transmission service includes checking the transmission fluid reservoir to make sure it is at the proper level and that the fluid is clean. A technician should conduct a full check to see if transmission service is necessary before heading out on the highway.

Motorhome Detailing Service

Following a winter of storage your RV may have a thick layer of dust inside and out and may have even become home to unwanted guests, such as rats or mice. A thorough RV or motorhome detailing service will ensure that your vehicle not only looks great, but feels great to be in too. A full service detailer will perform exterior care, such as washing and waxing, and deep clean the interior. Servicing the interior includes carpet cleaning, washing all surfaces, detailing the crevices and removing any critters who may have found their way inside.

Before you hit the road this summer stop by Kwik Kar for expert RV or motorhome detailing in Watauga. Our auto detailing experts service all makes and models of cars, trucks, SUVs, motorhomes and even boats. To learn more or to schedule auto detailing in Watauga give our friendly team a call at (817) 519-8512 today!

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