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Is it Time to Schedule Auto Repair?

Is it Time to Schedule Auto Repair?If you want your vehicle to continue to provide you with safe and reliable transportation, it is important that you keep a lookout for signs of car trouble. Symptoms can take on many forms, so any change in the way your car or truck performs is an indicator that you should visit your preferred auto shop. The following are a few primary indicators that your car likely needs to be serviced.

Strange Sounds

Many automotive problems will result in a strange sound being created. More often than not, you'll be able to tell what is wrong with your car based on your actions when the noise occurs. For example, if you hit the brakes and you hear a grinding noise, it is probable that it's time for brake repair.

Weird Smells

Odors are another common sign of car trouble. Many issues can result in a smell arising. A coolant leak may result in a sweet, maple-like odor to seep through your car's vents. If your car needs a new clutch you may smell something that hints at campfire smoke.


If your car begins to shake, shimmy or vibrate then it's time to boogie on down to the auto repair shop. A shaky steering wheel is a common sign that your vehicle needs a wheel alignment. If you can feel the gas pedal vibrating then your vehicle may be suffering from an exhaust leak.

Fluid Leaks

An obvious sign of car trouble is if you spot a fluid dripping from it. The most common automotive fluid leaks are engine oil leaks, transmission fluid leaks, coolant leaks and power steering leaks.

Performance Issues

Any decrease in performance, such as a drop in fuel efficiency or a rough idle, is a sign of car trouble. In many cases tune up services, like installing a new air or fuel filter, or fresh spark plugs, can resolve performance problems.

Dashboard Indicator Lights

Anytime a dashboard warning light comes on, head to the shop. Common dashboard indicators are the check engine light, ABS light and TPMS light. Computer diagnostics will be ran to determine the issue.

Never hesitate to address car problems, as they will only get worse and more expensive to fix the longer you wait. For professional auto repair in Watauga, TX, visit Kwik Kar of Watauga. Our professional auto repair techs will ensure your vehicle is running like new when it leaves our shop. Give us a call at (817) 519-8512 to request superior auto repair in Watauga today.

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