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What Does Colorful Exhaust Smoke Indicate?

What Does Colorful Exhaust Smoke Indicate?Today's automobiles have many ways of letting their drivers know about problems. The massive amount of sensors and microprocessors that monitor all the automotive systems will usually inform drivers of potential issues by turning on a dashboard indicator light. However, there are numerous other issues that can be identified by a driver by simply using their senses. Taking note of the exhaust that is exiting your vehicle can help diagnose engine problems. If you notice your exhaust smoke is thicker and more colorful than usual be sure to head to an auto repair shop for proper diagnosis, but be aware that the following colors are telltale signs of certain problems.

White Exhaust

If coolant is being burned up within the engine it will be noticeable because of the white smoke that comes out of the tailpipe. A coolant leak can be disastrous for an engine because it means that the cooling system won't be able to properly do its job and the engine may quickly overheat. Overheating can lead to a wide array of problems, including a blown head gasket or a cracked engine block. To avoid these problems get to a repair shop as soon as you suspect trouble. The smoke will often be accompanied by low levels of coolant, so be sure to check when your car's engine is cool.

Blue Exhaust

When your car burns oil it will generally emit blue smoke. So if you find blue fumes coming out of the tailpipe it means that there is an oil leak inside the motor that is allowing the oil to be cooked in the combustion chamber. This puts your motor at great risk of improper lubrication which can lead to harsh metal on metal contact. This will result in the need for large repairs or possibly even an engine replacement.

Black Exhaust

If you find your tailpipe pouring thick black exhaust smoke it means that your engine is burning too much fuel. This can be caused by several different problems, one of the most common being a clogged air filter. If the air filter becomes clogged it will not allow for the proper air and fuel mixture to be created that your engine needs to run smoothly. The engine will compensate by burning additional gasoline to make up for the lack of oxygen. This is known as running rich, and not only does this issue greatly reduce your fuel efficiency, but it can cause numerous other problems for your car's motor.

If you have the slightest concern about your car's exhaust fumes, be sure to visit a reputable auto shop for diagnostics. Doing so could save you big time, compared to letting a possible problem go unchecked. For expert engine repair in Watauga, TX, or the surrounding area, visit Kwik Kar. Our team of dedicated auto repair techs will have your vehicle running great in no time. Anytime your car needs service, give us a call at (817) 519-8512 to schedule quality auto repair in Watauga today.

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